Spring Cleaning


Spring Time

10 Deep Cleaning Tips



  1. Clean Window Treatments

    Window treatments can collect dust and allergens throughout the year. Take down window treatments and wash or dry clean them. Dust blinds and wipe down windows.


  1. Deep clean carpets and rugs

    Rugs and carpets should be deep cleaned one to two times a year. Cleaning your carpets can enhance indoor air quality and remove bacteria, dust and allergens from the carpets. You can do it yourself or hire an expert.


  1. Clean out laundry room

    Clean out inside of washer. Sweep and mop behind washer and dryer. Clean out dryer vents. Reorganize laundry room


  2. Wipe down interior walls

    Walls can sometimes be forgotten when cleaning. So remember to give them a good wipe down to keep them clean and fresh.


  3. Deep clean kitchen

    Clean out your fridge and wipe down all shelves. Dust and wipe down hard to reach places behind appliances, tops/bottoms/insides of cabinets and ceilings. Organize your pantry and throw out any foods out of date. Clean out toaster, microwave and oven.


  1. Clean out closets and storage areas

    Spring is a great time to go through items you have been holding on to that you no longer need or want. Use three boxes to separate items you want to throw out, donate, and sell.


  1. Revamp the entrance to your house

    Replace old doormats. Cut back over grown plants. Add new flowers if needed. Add a splash of color to your door or entrance ways.


  1. Replace batteries and maintenance

    Replace batteries in smoke detectors and maintenance air conditioners if needed before the summer heat rolls around.


  2. Clean out Bathrooms

    Deep clean toilets and showers. Make sure to mop behind the toilet and clean out bathroom cabinets. Get rid of old medicines in medicine cabinet and wipe down interior. Replace any old and tattered towels and bathroom mats.


  3. Clear off decks and porches

    Clean off porches and decks in preparation for spring and summer get together and barbecues.






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